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Universal Cummins 4BT Conversion Motor Mounts
Make your Truck Turbo Diesel Powered!
Cummins 4BT Motor Mounts
Have you been thinking about swapping a Cummins 4BT into your truck or SUV, but can not figure out motor mounts, we have the answer!

Main Benefits of the 4BT Include, but are not limited to:

  • Low RPM torque
  • Fuel Economy. ¬†When geared correctly, I have heard of 4BT YJs getting 30 mpg highway.
  • High horsepower potential. The 4BT does not have a high horsepower rating stock, but is capable of reliable high horsepower numbers.
  • Diesel Engine reliability, these engines will run well into 300,000 miles.
  • Ability to run Bio-Diesel.

Many have successfully installed the 4BT into a variety of vehicles, however the need to fabricate motor mounts makes the installation more costly and difficult, especially for those with limited fabrication experience or tools.

I have designed these motor mounts based on months of research and testing. This auction is for version 4 of my mounts. I have made small changes based on past customers feedback. I am quite confident these mounts will fit without any modification or trimming. Please Read ALL the information below before purchasing my mounts, or any other 4BT mounts.

I designed these mounts specifically for Jeep YJ applications, however this auction is for the two pieces that bolt directly to the block, hardware, and isolators ONLY, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO FABRICATE FRAME MOUNTS TO COMPLETE INSTALLATION, THESE MOUNTS ARE DESIGNED TO GET YOU "HALF WAY" TO MOUNTING YOUR ENGINE.

This is a 4 part kit that includes the following:

  • P-E-01 Is the Passenger Side Engine mount that is bolted directly to the block

  • D-E-01 Is the Driver Side Engine mount that is bolted directly to the block

  • ISO-01 (X2) Is the vibration isolator that is installed between the engine mounts and the frame mounts

  • The kit also includes (8) M10 bolts and lock washers, to bolt P-E-01 and D-E-01 to the engine block, and 4 nuts and lock washers to attach ISO-01 to P-E-01 and D-E-01.


I am a Mechanical Engineer with a BS degree from Penn State. I currently do frame and sheetmetal design for a living. You can be assured these mounts have been designed and tested by an experienced engineer using the latest in 3D modeling software.

Main Features Of the FarmStrong 4BT Motor Mounts

  • Constructed out of 1/4" Steel
  • CNC Laser cut
  • CNC Press Brake Bent
  • Professionally (MIG) welded¬†
  • Inspected with FEA Stress analysis software (and my personal Jeep). (Inventor 2011, Solidworks 08 and ANSYS)
  • Fully boxed design ensures strength in all planes of motion.
  • Frame hugging design increases rigity and reduces stress on frame rails, This is a much stronger design than a flat plate welded to the inner face of the frame rail. YOU WILL NEED A WELDER TO INSTALL THESE MOUNTS AS THEY ARE TO BE WELDED DIRECTLY TO THE FRAME!
  • Isolators are positioned above the crankshaft, and on a 45deg angle, a method proven to reduce engine vibration.
  • Isolators used are the same parts used in older Ram 250 6BT applications, ensuring strength and reliability. Isolators are also easy to find common part numbers, unlike expensive hard to find Liquid mounts used by others.
  • Mounts utilize the middle mounting bosses of the engine, instead of the far front mounting bosses. This ensures engine balance and stability. It also dramatically reduces the amount of stress on the bellhousing. This is an extremely important feature. If you decide to install a 4BT using the front mounting bosses, you must consider the use of an additional bellhousing support.
  • Mounts position engine 1" to the passenger side to create front differential and driveshaft clearance.
  • Mounts angle engine about 5deg down towards to the back to help with driveshaft angles (refer to pictures)
  • Mounts have a small amount of adjustment in them to allow the installer to move the engine forward/backwards up to an 1" in either direction. However one must keep in mind that the mounts follow the frame rails, the further back you move the engine, the lower you move the engine, and visa-versa.
  • You must use a 1" Body lift with these mounts! At least a 2" Suspension lift is also highly reccommended. The 4BT is a very tall engine, there is no avoiding the need for lift. A 1" body lift is absolutely neccessary.
  • If your engine has a liquid-to-air aftercooler mounted on the intake of the engine, this must be removed. There are many air-to-air intercooler options available instead. This aftercooler adds too much height to the engine.


Comments and Modifications Based on Customer Feedback on Past Designs.

  • I designed these mounts to be used with a dodge driver side starter, adapter plate, bellhousing and NV4500 transmission. A number of my customers have had issues fitting passenger side starters, I have modified the passenger side mount accordingly, however I can not yet ensure passenger side starter fit. Inspect attached pictures closely, I can provide any measurements needed. There are dozens of available starters, adapter plates, bellhousings ect. available for the 4BT, therefor it is difficult to ensure clearance on every set up. However, again, I am always available to provide specific measurements when needed. If you decide to purchase my mounts, and they will not fit, I will gladly refund your purchase.

  • These Mounts WILL NOT work with vacuum pump/Power steering combinations found on many 4BTs! These mounts will work with the power steering pump found in box truck applications. I am sorry for inconvience this may cause, however I believe the benefit of a center mounted and balanced engine is worth it. Also, electric vacuum pumps can be found for under $150 that can be mounted in your engine compartment to provide vacuum. This option also provides power brakes in the event of an engine stall. Hydro steer is also an option that I recommended. I currently run an electric vacuum pump with no complaints or problems.

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