We are excited to offer a Cummins 2.8 to the Jeep Ax-15 / NV3550 adapter kit. This kit allows you to use the stock AX-15 / NV3550 in any Jeep R2.8 Swap. The AX-15 / NV3550 is also a great transmission to put behind an R2.8 for any application. The kit comes with a new pivot ball, clutch fork and pilot bearing.  


Bellhousings are made of A356 heat treated aluminum cast right here in the USA!!


This kit utilizes the factory Cummins 2.8 flywheel which will need to be machined add the necessary holes to accept a standard Jeep 4.0L 6cylinder pressure plate and clutch. The stock Jeep slave cylinder and throwout bearing can be retained. 


This price does NOT include machining of the R2.8 flywheel. We will include dimensions for your local machinist to add the necessary holes. If you want us to machine your flywheel, see our other 2.8 to AX-15 product listing that includes the flywheel.


We are taking presale orders now! First kits will be shipped by July 13th!

Cummins R2.8 To AX-15 / NV3550 Adapter

SKU: R28-AX15-01
  • Does NOT include flywheel machining 

  • Taking Pre-Orders now! First orders are expected to ship by 7/13/18

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