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This Cummins 4BT engine mount kit has been designed to help anyone doing a 4BT engine swap get "half-way". You will need to fabricate your own frame side mounts. This kit has proven to be an enormous help and has saved our customers countless hours. These mounts have been developed over years of experience and testing and will last the lifetime of your vehicle or your money back!


The most important design aspect of our mounts is CORRECT Isolator location. The Cummins 4BT has unfortunately earned the name "The Paint Shaker" because of its history of incorrect engine swaps that have led to uncomfortable vibrations throughout the vehicle. Many try liquid filled hydraulic isolators as an attempt to mitigate vibrations, and are usually disappointed.


The best design strategy when it comes to controlling engine vibration is based on 3 main guidelines:

-Isolators are positioned above the crankshaft centerline

-Isolators are mounted on a 45deg angle

-Isolators are centered on the engine front to back to evenly distribute weight


To read more about the science and math behind this, check out this link:


FarmStrongInc engine mounts are the only mounts on the market that meet all of these guidelines and the result is a smooth running engine without expensive isolators. In fact, our isolators can be purchased at your local auto parts store.


Many who take on the Cummins 4BT engine conversion are tempted to utilize the 3 x 2 mounting bosses on the lower front of the engine mainly because of the ease in using them. While this may seem like the easiest option, it is certainly not the best. Positioning the isolators at the lower front of the engine will result in extremely uncomfortable vibration and puts too much stress on the bellhousing. The front engine bosses should never be used solely. If they are used, additional mounts must be used at the bellhousing. We have seen many bellhousing failures as a result of improperly mounting the 4BT.


A few additional items to consider

-These mounts will NOT clear the vacuum pump/powersteering pump found on later 4BTs. They WILL clear the earlier "pancake" style vacuum pump/power steering pump combination. Most find that converting to hydroboost brakes when doing a 4BT engine conversion is the best option. HVAC controls can be operated by a remote electric vacuum pump


-These mounts provide ample clearance for most starters, both driver and passenger side, however we cannot guarantee that every starter will clear. Slight trimming may be required.


Cummins 4BT Universal Engine Mounts

  • We stand behind our products and offer a 3 year warranty from date of purchase, no questions asked.

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